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From the beginning, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO LTD (GYC Group) believed in【Innovation Value】、【Partnership】、【Leading Technology】、【International View】as our team philosophy, created the high value product in the chemical industrial, achieved optimal customer satisfaction with reliable technologies and highly professional knowledge. And we think, great work is never done by tempe amental geniuses, but by obstinate donkey-men. Therefore, we insist sustainable innovation and hold the belief of “creativity and imagination that would never restricted by conventional frame, we embark on new approaches from new perspectives. And, we will actively promote our global business, aiming to be a unique company in the world.

Outstanding, professional, reliable.

From the beginning, GYC Group believes in outstanding, professional, and reliable as our guidelines. Compared to others, GYC Group believe we can find the value in the worthless and then create the value; discover possibility in the impossible and realize it. As a result, GYC adhere the above philosophy in developing innovative items with advanced technology and quality is the way to create effective and distinctive production. The feature of GYC Group is making our effort on advanced manufacture and innovation. Fitting in the real market trend is to provide varieties high valuable industrial production for different industrial field. By combining those innovative materials in the field and our competiveness, we can provide the series of evolutional alternatives. We dedicate to high quality and advanced technological products as the mission of our enterprise.