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To enhance the competitiveness of the products, GYC overcome the blind spot of traditional products and enhance of the function for the parallel products. Nowadays, GYC Group can not only provide the competiveness products, but also export our products around the world! Though the technology is much improved in Taiwan industry, traditional industries are losing the competitiveness and Expansibility. It is a worry to Taiwan; therefore, GYC Group researches advanced skill & technology more actively. With the stable pace and confidence in challenging advanced technology, GYC can expand the scale of expertise gradually. Following the trend of chemical industries and the diversified strategy in the world, GYC Group will be stronger regarding to our belief and value. GYC Group believe that our growth is attributed to your participation and comments. Because of you, we could have this foundation and strength. During 40 years, GYC Group has made a barrier to competitors and imitators because of our incomparable technology. GYC Group is supported by loyal clients, such as sellers, commercial agents and factories. Your great support and feedback are our motivation. GYC Group is going to have foothold with our partners on Taiwan, make progress to Asia and embrace the world. 。