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A successful brand will never talk about "Who I am", "What I have", but will talk about "How about the relationship between customers, partners and I" or "What can I do for the customers and partners"!

A usual enterprise will emphasize on "the quality and properties" which is still at the former level, but GYC will emphasize on "the brand vision and experiences of customers" which belongs to the latter.

GYC GORUP Place Importance On the Enterprise Brand

From the beginning, GYC GROUP knew that establishing a brand is so important for an enterprise. A brand not only can present the image of enterprise, but also can convey the business concept of management, cultures and values to the manufacturers and consumers. 

 However, it needs to spend a lot of money and time for establish a successful brand enterprise. No matters deliberate on quality control of own products or respectful the customer's service. Obviously, the success or failure of a brand depends on whether we can get the trust from the long-term clients or not.

For keeping this concept, we conscientiously and cautiously dedicate our brand, GYC GORUP, for several decades. Also, we construct the GYC GROUP double victory diagram and brand pyramid. Then, we request our colleagues always think about the key for constitution of brand.

From the pyramid diagram, it can see that we look further with GYC family as the core. Global arrangement, grow up stably and stable quality are the GYC three strategies for the enterprise vision which is around the core ; moreover, GYC Group treats Taiwan's enterprise headquarter as the cornerstone for standing firm to advance the global layout. Through the? transnational R&D capability and round up the cooperation with international business team from different countries, we got 100% trust, 100% innovation and 100% service as? GYC there management objectives. Then, each objective can be used as three targets to estimate.

GYC believe that executing global arrangement, grow up stably and stable quality thoroughly are the keys to accumulate long-term customers.  Besides, put in the belief of taking customer for "partners" in our past thirty years history, we have confidence in making a powerful and steady brand with long history in the future thirty, sixty and even hundred years.