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  GYC group have developed breakthrough water & oil repellent with low carbon, eco-friendly and nanometer skill. (From traditional 8 carbon to 6 carbon)
   With stricter rules of environment protection, how to make friends with nature instead of enemy has become an important issue to enterprise.  


    Due to we are facing the generation of low carbon and energy saving, GYC group are always regarding environment protection issues as our core responsibility.   GYC R&D department are in process developing innovative and improved products according to future eco-friendly trend.

    GOYENCHEM-E600 is developed by GYC group, this newest water & oil repellent is praised and adopted by several renowned factories in Europe, Korea, Japan, such as REEBOK, ADDIDAS, NIKE and etc.

    In the process of R&D, GOYENCHEM-E600 is developed by special whole eco-friendly and low carbon compounding skill, purify the carbon from 8 to 6 successfully and meet future rules of environmental protection. GOYENCHEM-E600 will become the  model of low carbon water & oil repellent.

GOYENCHEM-E600 doesn’t contain Alkylphenol, PFOA and PFOS, which can meet newest environmental-friendly regulation.

Besides, typical 6 carbon type water & oil repellent can’t reach low carbon and excellent anti-water & oil abilities at the same time.  GYC group adopt new nanometer technology and breakthrough the traditional shortcomings.  GOYENCHEM-E600 owns low carbon and outstanding anti-water & stain both abilities.

GOYENCHEM-E600 can be applied on several fiber industries including nature fiber, synthetic fiber and other blend fabric.  However, textiles after treated with GOYENCHEM-E600 will give a soft touching and feeling, which has been adopted by abroad and domestic renowned fiber factories. GOYENCHEM-E600 not only enhance the function of product, but also provide added value to product. If you would like to know more about GOYENCHEM-E600, please to not hesitate to click online consultation






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