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  GYC group has advanced to the Fortune 500 companies listed in “Forbes” and hit the revenue record!

Due to retarding even pessimistic growth of economy in recent decades, the condition of economy and talented person losing can be observed in every country.  Unfortunately, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) also suffer from the whole world depression in export.

 However, in such pessimistic circumstance, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) doesn’t affected by recession but create counter growth, the marketing network has spread to whole world and become the fortune 500 companies listed in “Forbes” in the world.  According to the annual turnover analysis by GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) financial department, we hit the sales volume record. 

  Besides, each department are also popular, which made GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) brilliant sales record!  As a result, we attribute this success to GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) hilosophy of focused on R&D, and believe we can find the value in the worthless and help our customers create the value; discover possibility in the impossible and realize it.  Therefore, we are not only breakthrough our technology but emphasize on diversifying in the horizontal orientation but ask to be proficient in high-tech chemical material of vertical orientation. 

   In addition, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) can provide customized solution to any customer. We provide customization products based on every individual requirement or any problem in R&D from our customers.  Because GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) expect ourselves to offer “the most intimacy service” and “unique product” to customers, we pioneered several new products and customers. In last ten years, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) have been cooperated with many international companies, top 500 enterprises in the world and the outstanding  automobile manufacturers. Besides, we also manage close relationship with factories, domestic & foreign dealers, agents and customers, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) has become the benchmark of innovative high-tech materials group in Asia steadily.     

  If you are interested in the GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL (GYC Group) annul sales department or if you have any problem during manufacturing or R&D process, please do not hesitate to click the online consultation or contact the GYC business headquarter directly for getting further information.