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Product Description
Product Name GOYENCHEMUV-700
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name GYC
Model Number GOYENCHEMUV-700


GOYENCHEMUV-700 is high effective compound produced by nanometer synthetic technique. It has excellent anti-UV, anti-yellowing ability and good compatible withmacromolecule. GOYENCHEMUV-700 can reduce yellowing of macromolecule, maintain mechanical property and protect macromolecule property.

 GOYENCHEMUV-700 is applied to all kinds of polymer can enhance tinting strength of product and color increasing. It also can improve discoloring or yellowing due to external factor of various resins.


Besides, GOYENCHEMUV-700 can efficiently prevent macromolecule plastic or fiber products in processing and storage process from yellowing and discoloring due to external factor or light, heat, and oxidization. GOYENCHEMUV-700 can ensure processing of polymer and long-term use to increase additional value for products.


 can be compatible with most of polymer. It can comprehensively apply to polyolefin group (PP.PE.PVC.EVA). AB resin, ABSPSPCPETNYLON, general plastic, rubber (nature and synthetic), paint, elastomers (TPU,SBS,SIS,SEBS,NBR,TPV….), engineering plastic ,  (PBT,PET,PA,POM..etc.) and thermosetting plastis such as Epoxy resin ,Unsaturated polyester resin, melamine,Acrylic resin and chemical fiber (Polyester,NYLON,PP fiber) products.

GOYENCHEMUV-700 is compound made from nanometer catalyst technique. That’s why it is outstanding in post compounding and ex-polymerization adding.


  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 has good anti-yellowing. It can enhance weather resistant for all kinds of plastic or fiber products in various environment, temperature or processing.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 has excellent tint strength. It has good color increasing effect for plastic resin or polymer.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 has significant compatible with macromolecule and fine compounding with all kinds of macromolecule resin.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 has excellent heat resistant. It is not easy to deteriorate in plastic processing.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 applies to fiber and all kinds of polymer product with high anti-UV ability.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700 efficiently prevent or delay changes due to all kinds of environmental or oxidization to ensure processing and life time.
  • GOYENCHEMUV-700, synthesized by special process, increase fine impact resistant while adding into plastic products.  


  • 20kgs /Bag40 bags/pallet