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  ‧Eco-Friendly Washing Ball
Product Description
Product Name Eco-Friendly Washing Ball
Place of Origin TAIWAN
Brand Name GYC
Model Number GYC Eco-energy washing ball


GYC Eco-Friendly Washing Ball

GYC washing ball uses four ingredients: Titanium composite material (smell removing ), alkaline matter (ion exchange ), mineral (sterilization) and energy material (surfactant effect), these four materials will be stimulated by friction and shock, not only release electrical energy but also make water molecules activation like the effect of powder or liquid detergent , but using GYC washing ball can achieve cost efficiency and environmental friendly


  • Chemical free
  • Environmental friendly
  • Decrease detergent dosage
  • Without foaming formula   
  • Water saving, easy to rinse
  • Simple use
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Water molecules activation, can be ease to remove the dirt and stain from clothes.  
Using method
  • Use one piece for clothes within 4 kgs, two piece for more
  • Washing ball can be left in the washing machine ordinarily
  • For heavy stains on clothes, add one- third general detergent with washing ball to wash. Do not put on the dryer after use
  • Place in cool, ventilated place. Do not solarize directly
  • Do not use softener

  • Washed separately for white color or easy fading clothes

Added value 

Hot spring effect : Ease to have a bath after putting the ball into bathtub for 30 minutes. The dirt and stains will be floated on the surface of water. Clean your body by clean water after having a bath